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Corporate Twitter Bootcamp for Internal Communicators and PR

How does twitter work in corporations? Thanks to Ragan Communications you can register for a one-day twitter bootcamp to attend in person in Chicago or live via webcast where ever you are. Disclosures: I am delighted to be the twitter PR speaker for this presentation.  Event design and content shown here developed by Ragan Communications. Have a twitter PR case […]

Twitter Boot Camp

Twitter Tactics Auto DMs and Closing the Follower Gap

Twitter transcript . . . . wiredprworks: if you’re following me and I’m not following you, please send me a message @wiredprworks-trying to close the following/followers gap DaveTaylor: @wiredprworks but *why* are you trying to close that gap? wiredprworks: @DaveTaylor – don’t want to miss out any great folks – speaking of great people hope […]