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Top Twitter Tips – What’s Yours?

On the way to a client meeting this morning, I tweeted this update: wiredprworks: Happy Monday! doing a twitter demo this morning – best tips or hellos welcome Thanks to everyone who responded on twitter. Your turn: what’s your favorite top twitter tip? * bradshorr: @wiredprworks Tip – HootSuite is a great Twitter client. Good […]



TR=25 Ways to Stage a Twitter Relations Success Story

This post probably should be in a few parts, but since it is a progression of experiences, I’ll keep the collection together. Speaking of collections, you’ll find my Elysian Hotel images here. When I got an invitation to attend a private reception at The Elysian Hotel on November 18 I almost said no. With social […]

Twitter Lists 10 Steps + 1 Video

By the end of the year we’re going to talk about lists, not followers. @scobleizer via @wireprworks At BlogWorld Expo, I found this greeting on my twitter home page: New! Lists. A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts. (BETA) Lists are timelines you build yourself, consisting of […]



Embracing Awesomeness in 140 Characters at BWE09

The opening keynote sets the conference theme. Kudos to BlogWorld New Media Expo for selecting Laura Fitton, aka @pistachio, to open the conference. Lucky for you – and for me, I took notes. But first, my @pistachio connection. In spring 2008, Laura was live-tweeting a conference in Boston. I was following her. She mentioned the […]

Steve Rubel on Lifestreaming via Posterous at BWE09

At BlogWorld Expo, Steve Rubel talked about how to use technology to stream your business and your life from email to a site based on a platform called Posterous, pronounced päs-t(?-)r?s. Hope your find these note from Steve’s session to be helpful and informative. Image: Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer introduces Steve Rubel. What, […]