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Teleseminar Secrets Course Recommendation 1

It’s teleseminar training time. Alex Mandossian is on the phone right now giving away some great information about his course that teaches you how to market your business using teleseminars. This is an affiliate link that takes you to a page to a $20 preview call offer. You’ll get access to a three-hour recording packed […]


PR Teleseminar

03.10.08 Update When Liz Strauss asked me to write a guest post, I did. Being so grateful for the opportunity, I decided that to offer her readers value-added off the blog. So, I’m hosting a Lucky PR Teleseminar on St. Patrick’s Day. Have a question you’ve always wanted to ask? Here’s your chance! Email your question […]

Invitation: Free Ezine Subscription | Marketing Tips | PR Advice | Bonus Offers 1

I admit it. I love to give stuff away. Today’s MTN free ezine subscribers got treated to a video marketing report – as my gift. Now, in our house Easter is not a gift holiday [well, no gifts over $25], but what’s nice about having a list of loyal readers is that I can give away […]

Experts Question Oprah & Larry King on “The Secret”

Update and insight 5.03.07 Because Dave Lakhani agreed to be my first Ultimate PR Secrets speaker, when I saw his press release about “The Truth is the Secret,” I decided to write a post. I came up with the catchy title “Experts Question Oprah and Larry King on ‘The Secret.’” Here we are six weeks later and traffic is still […]