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What Big Brands Can Learn about Social Media from Small Business

We’re all in the same club: #MsTech on Facebook, a small group of women technology enthusiasts in Chicago. While we help each other out every day, it’s not often that we get to hear each other speak. Thanks to Hope Bertram, Social Media Masters Summit organizer, I got to hear three of our members, all […]

Small Business Confidence Rises with 2011 Business Development Plans

How’s your economic attitude these days? For many small business owners, the economy is looking up. According to Discover®‘s Small Business WatchSM • 25 percent of small business owners reported they will increase spending on business development in the next six months, up from 22 percent in October • 33 percent believe the economy is […]



Growing in Business in 3D with LinkedIn

Assignment: Talk about how to do business on LinkedIn Challenge: in 10 minutes or less. Result: How to Grow Business in 3D on LinkedIn: Digitally, Directly and Dynamically Program: Social Media panel at Integrated Marketing Summit Chicago Panelists: Aaron Goldman, Blagica Bottigliero, Brad Kleinman and Tony Bombacino of Restaurant.com It was an honor and a […]

Small Business Marketing Budget and Gross Revenue – Real Numbers

I’ve been looking for this number for years. So, I had to make it up. It turns out my number was low. Small Business Marketing Budget as a Percentage of Gross Revenue According to Marketing Sherpa, Small organizations, small business, spend 11% of gross revenue on marketing. I said: 5-10%. Medium organizations of 100-1000 employees […]