Small Business Marketing

Small Business Confidence Rises with 2011 Business Development Plans 1

How’s your economic attitude these days? For many small business owners, the economy is looking up. According to Discover®‘s Small Business WatchSM • 25 percent of small business owners reported they will increase spending on business development in the next six months, up from 22 percent in October • 33 […]



Growing in Business in 3D with LinkedIn

Assignment: Talk about how to do business on LinkedIn Challenge: in 10 minutes or less. Result: How to Grow Business in 3D on LinkedIn: Digitally, Directly and Dynamically Program: Social Media panel at Integrated Marketing Summit Chicago Panelists: Aaron Goldman, Blagica Bottigliero, Brad Kleinman and Tony Bombacino of It […]

Small Business Marketing Budget and Gross Revenue – Real Numbers 1

I’ve been looking for this number for years. So, I had to make it up. It turns out my number was low. Small Business Marketing Budget as a Percentage of Gross Revenue According to Marketing Sherpa, Small organizations, small business, spend 11% of gross revenue on marketing. I said: 5-10%. […]