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B2B Social Media Marketing Methods and Obstacles

In 2011, BtoB  surveyed more than 550 executives for Emerging Trends in B-to-B Social Media Marketing: Insights From the Field.  Three charts about methods and obstacles are yours for the viewing. If you want more information, you can purchase the complete report. Methods Used for B2B Social Media Marketing When asked “Which of the following […]



InfusionCon 2012 Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Just thinking about being in Arizona in April at this time of year gets this Chicagoan excited about going to InfusionCon 2012. Location is only one reason InfusionCon will be a top-notch small business marketing conference. Last year I attended Infusionsoft’s Customer Tour in Chicago and got a preview of how well the company delivers its […]

How to Get in Shape for 2012 with a 3D Marketing Audit

Every year, we reassess our client’s progress with a 3d+ marketing audit. We look at digital performance, direct connections and dynamic business development. A fourth dimension, being healthy, is a self-audit. Because being in optimal health adds to your mental agility and overall performance, we’ll talk about that, too. Here’s a quick overview of how […]


How to Collect Outstanding Invoices before 2012

We all have them. Stories about how long it took to get paid. For creative business owners it can take months and months to see receipts come in long after a project is complete, in the clients hands and active. Lucky for me, knock on wood, every single client has paid their invoices in full. […]