Get Top-Ranked on Amazon – in Reviews | Guest Podcast | Brad Shorr, WordSell, Inc. 3

Writing an Amazon.com best-seller is one way to be perceived as a subject matter expert. People visit your page, they buy your book – and they read the reviews. When I met Brad Shorr, blogger at WordSell, Inc. his Amazon review success intrigued me. Listed as the first reviewer for […]

The System Seminar | Ultimate Internet Marketing Education & Networking 3

In the inner Internet circles, The System Seminar [affiliate link] has a reputation for providing pure content, a professional environment and bleeding edge techniques. All that’s true, but the approachability and friendliness of every one I met, including the speakers, surprised me. Ego was absent – the only time people […]

Jody Colvard | PR and Podcasting | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Thanks to Jody Colvard for being an Ultimate PR Secrets guest speaker. Here’s a quick interview recap along with Jody’s bio . . . Find out how to Listen to Jody Colvard on Podcasting, PR and the Digital Revolution “PR is becoming a great influencer of the media.” Jody Colvard, […]