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April 17 Nonprofit Development Professional’s Guide to Creating a Social Media Plan

On April 17, West Suburban Philanthropic Network [WSPN] presents “The Nonprofit Development Professionals Guide to Creating a Social Media Plan.” I am honored to be the presenter. If you’re in nonprofit development and you work in the Chicago area, it would be great to have your voice in our community presentation. And, if you’re looking […]


Social Media 101 Workshop Presentation 1

Three out of four marketing and PR workshops for IAPD IPRA went well: lots of space, time and room for conversation. When I saw the room for my Social Media Sampler presentation, I got a bit concerned. Fifteen minutes before I was set to start, it was already almost full. When the crowd started spilling […]



Speaking of Parks, Recreation and Social Media 1

Next week, I’m honored to present four programs at the IAPD/IPRA [Illinois Association of Park Districts - Illinois Park and Recreation Association conference]. Thanks so much to Jessica Alexenko of the Lisle Park District for booking me to speak at two workshops and two breakout sessions. We started talking about the conference almost a year […]

Improve Community-Public Relations – 9 Hearing Aids

Leave it to Chris Brogan to write what I’ve been thinking about. In his post, Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes, Chris walks you through a process for listening to conversations online. You need to do this. It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to tune into online conversations – using Chris’ system. And, […]