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Cool Tool | Search-Keyword-Writing-Research Resource

Check out the latest Cool Tool from Wired PR Works . . . Problem: You want an all-in-one Google-Wikipedia-keyword-background research tool. Solution: Enter your topic or terms in Make My Report and get the top 30 related results along with a word association relevancy list. Technorati Tags: Cool Tools,Writing,Research,Blog Marketing,Public Relations,Virtual Branding,Barbara Rozgonyi How I […]

Blogs Boost Keywords Afterlife | Nintendo Wii

It must be getting close to Christmas. Why else would my blog keep getting hit with Wii hunters? Last November, I told my readers the story about how we got the Nintendo Wii in eight minutes. It’s true and I’m glad I wrote it down. Maybe I’ve even glad it’s on my blog because now […]


Keyword Intelligence: Spy Sites

In checking my blog stats today, I found eight incoming links from KeywordSpy [affiliate link].  While it’s flattering that someone, make that anyone, would want to know what keywords I’m bidding on, at first it was a bit unnerving. Who would want to know how I advertise? Whoever you are, thank you. In researching myself, […]