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Facebook Branding, Privacy and Personality | IRL Questions

How do you handle negativity, privacy, branding, security on Facebook? Thanks to a reader who asked these questions about Facebook and their business. Have IRL [in real life] questions you need answered? Leave them in the comment box, text 630.207.7530 or email corywestmedia @gmail.com. 1. How do we manage negative feedback about our product/services? Monitor […]


20 Ways to Connect Communities via Social Networks

Let’s take inventory, okay? Get out a sheet of paper. Make three columns. Label one “group,” a second “connected” and the third “disconnected.” Connected means plugged in online via twitter, Facebook and Linked, etc. Disconnected means analog or email only. Now, list all of your groups in three categories: business, social and peripheral. In each […]

How do You Take Your Social Media?

It’s almost ceremonious. Sitting at a meeting, I watched Dave fix his coffee. He opens and pours in a packet of sweetener. Stirs. Opens and pours in a container of hazlenut creamer. Stirs. Folds up the sweetener packet. Inserts it into the creamer container. Opens and pours in sweetener packet two. Stirs. Opens and pours […]