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Cool Tool | Musicovery | Moody Inspiration for Writers

Problem: you have no iPod or a limited CD collection – you write better when you listen to music – you have a HUGE deadline – tomorrow and you need creative inspiration NOW Solution: set up your own creative inspiration soundtrack when you register for free and dial your mood into Musicovery at www.musicovery.com How […]



Crashing Back from Vegas | Computer Recovery Plan

  Typically, I talk about marketing and PR. While writing about computer recovery may seem a bit off-topic, having a functioning computer is a critical for many entrepreneurs. Let’s face it: if your computer isn’t working, neither is your business. No amount of marketing dollars or PR tactics can overcome the loss of technology. Here’s how I quickly recovered from a crash […]

ProBlogger Gifts Me with Inner Peace | How to Donate Contest Items

Today I found out I won the gift of inner peace, a prize in ProBlogger’s $54,000 Birthday Bash. Contributed by Dr. Joseph Bernard, who blogs at Explore Life Blog, I’ll be treated to a complimentary consultation and a t-shirt. Hosting a contest like this one raises your awareness, connects you with other bloggers and yes, […]