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Creative Confetti | Tweet Cloud PR 3

Today’s Tweet Cloud . . . A collage of links, twitter IDs, words, phrases and locations, tweet cloud arranges an artful collage of what you talk about on twitter. Words that pop out on mine that I like: 800th, Chicago, family, france, glow, happy, lead, loves, media, produced, requested-often, social, vacation, works, wow and writing. […]



Cool Tool | Google AdWords Adds Volume-Truth to Keyword Search 4

Given the title “Wired PR Works,” you might think this blog is about marketing, social media and public relations? Not really, it’s mostly about RSS and search engines – at least that’s what Google says. How does Google review you and your site? What keywords does Google suggest you use? What terms should you bid […]

Cool Tool | Musicovery | Moody Inspiration for Writers 4

Problem: you have no iPod or a limited CD collection – you write better when you listen to music – you have a HUGE deadline – tomorrow and you need creative inspiration NOW Solution: set up your own creative inspiration soundtrack when you register for free and dial your mood into Musicovery at www.musicovery.com How […]



Cool Tool | Search-Keyword-Writing-Research Resource 1

Check out the latest Cool Tool from Wired PR Works . . . Problem: You want an all-in-one Google-Wikipedia-keyword-background research tool. Solution: Enter your topic or terms in Make My Report and get the top 30 related results along with a word association relevancy list. Technorati Tags: Cool Tools,Writing,Research,Blog Marketing,Public Relations,Virtual Branding,Barbara Rozgonyi How I […]

Cool Tool: Slideshare Speaks, Makes Marketing Presentations 5

Problem: You have a fabulous presentation, but the only people who ever see it sit in your audience Solution: Upload your presentation with or without audio to Slideshare and reach the world – along with more than a few new prospects Disclaimer: I have yet to personally produce a Slideshare slideshow, but you don’t have […]