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Creative Confetti | Tweet Cloud PR

Today's Tweet Cloud . . . A collage of links, twitter IDs, words, phrases and locations, tweet cloud arranges an artful collage of what you talk about on twitter. Words that pop out on mine that I like: 800th, Chicago, family, france, glow, happy, lead, loves, media, produced, requested-often, social, vacation, works, wow and writing. [...]

By | July 24th, 2008|Social Media|3 Comments

Cool Tool | Google AdWords Adds Volume-Truth to Keyword Search

Given the title "Wired PR Works," you might think this blog is about marketing, social media and public relations? Not really, it's mostly about RSS and search engines - at least that's what Google says. How does Google review you and your site? What keywords does Google suggest you use? What terms should you bid [...]

By | July 14th, 2008|SEO|4 Comments

Cool Tool | Musicovery | Moody Inspiration for Writers

Problem: you have no iPod or a limited CD collection - you write better when you listen to music - you have a HUGE deadline - tomorrow and you need creative inspiration NOW Solution: set up your own creative inspiration soundtrack when you register for free and dial your mood into Musicovery at How [...]

By | February 4th, 2008|Blogging|4 Comments

Cool Tool | Search-Keyword-Writing-Research Resource

Check out the latest Cool Tool from Wired PR Works . . . Problem: You want an all-in-one Google-Wikipedia-keyword-background research tool. Solution: Enter your topic or terms in Make My Report and get the top 30 related results along with a word association relevancy list. Technorati Tags: Cool Tools,Writing,Research,Blog Marketing,Public Relations,Virtual Branding,Barbara Rozgonyi How I [...]

By | January 22nd, 2008|Blogging, Marketing, Marketing Blog, SEO|1 Comment

Cool Tool: Slideshare Speaks, Makes Marketing Presentations

Problem: You have a fabulous presentation, but the only people who ever see it sit in your audience Solution: Upload your presentation with or without audio to Slideshare and reach the world - along with more than a few new prospects Disclaimer: I have yet to personally produce a Slideshare slideshow, but you don't have [...]

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