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Improve Community-Public Relations – 9 Hearing Aids

Leave it to Chris Brogan to write what I’ve been thinking about. In his post, Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes, Chris walks you through a process for listening to conversations online. You need to do this. It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to tune into online conversations – using Chris’ system. And, […]

Community PR | Dealing with Rejection?

How do you feel about rejection?  “Rejection is the absence of meaningful love.” Charles Solomon, author “Actors search for rejection. If they don’t get it they reject themselves.” Charlie Chaplin “I think all great innovations are built on rejections.” Louis Ferdinand Celine, French writer and physicist 1894-1961 “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle […]


Butts in Seats-How to Turn People Out: the Secret Ingredients |Making Media Connections Notes

Notes from Community Media Workshop’s 2008 Making Media Connections conference panel: Butts in Seats-How to Turn People Out: the Secret Ingredients. This post is one in a series of four; browse the Making Media Connections 2008 category. Were you at the conference? Let us know about your links or leave a comment. Panelists Mike Ervin, […]

New Media The Wizard Behind the Curtain by Beth Kanter | Notes & Takeaways

Google Beth. Look for Beth’s blog. Got it? Right now it’s the number one result for Beth – out of 65,300,000 results. Beth AKA Beth Kanter, was in some of the same sessions I was at BlogHer last summer. At the time, I remember her as a stand out for her passion and the way […]