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Chamber of Commerce B2B – Social Marketing Expo

Coming up on October 30 in Lombard, Illinois . . . here’s a press release about an event that’s expected to draw over 500 people and 50 exhibitors. Need a business to business social networking or social media marketing strategies speaker? We released new about the expo via PRWeb. Social Media Talks Buzz Up Lombard […]


20 Ways to Connect Communities via Social Networks

Let’s take inventory, okay? Get out a sheet of paper. Make three columns. Label one “group,” a second “connected” and the third “disconnected.” Connected means plugged in online via twitter, Facebook and Linked, etc. Disconnected means analog or email only. Now, list all of your groups in three categories: business, social and peripheral. In each […]

Communing with Community or Talking Social Media Marketing?

How do you commune with your community? Recently, a client asked how we develop our social media marketing strategies. Our approach is based upon our Marketing Transformations Process, a 10-step program that results in an accelerated marketing plan. Today, I’m sharing an outline with you to get your input. While this is more of a […]