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Best 2011 Social Media Marketing Posts at wiredPRworks

Keepers – these all are. In late December, I cull through all wiredPRworks blog posts looking for the best of the best to share. Here’s the 2011 lot. You’ll find inspiration, ideas, trends, news and stories. What’s missing? What would you like to see here in 2012?



Guest Blogger Guidelines How to Write at Somebody Else’s Place

  Until I started blogging, way back in June 2006, most of my writing was for clients. I wrote to reach to their markets/media contacts/communities in a voice that reflected their sound, not mine. If you’re a professional writer, you know that writing under your own byline in an incentive to do your best. And, […]

Improving Brands and Blogger Relationships BBSummit11 Panel

In almost every presentation, I show a chart with survey results that prove blogger relations is the most effective social media marketing tactic. Then I ask this question: Who here is using blogger relations as a social media marketing tactic? Every time, almost no hands go up. That’s why when MJ Tam asked me to […]

Brands and Blogger Panel Moderator Barbara Rozgonyi