BlogWorld Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Notes from BlogWorld’s opening keynote sesstion with Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, founder of Automattic as interviewed by Ed Sussman FAST COMPANY   Notes lightly edited from Barbara Rozgonyi’s notes.   Matt tends to trust what he reads in blogs more than traditional media because it’s closer to the […]

Checking Into BlogWorld

Got into Vegas about an hour ago. Returned a few emails. Watched the sunset [with a rainbow – nice to see some true natural beauty] and I’m headed out the door to meet up with some other BlogWorld attendees I met via LinkedIn. Although I’m not exactly sure who I’m […]

BlogWorld & New Media Expo November 7-9 | Register for Conference & Sessions

Now crossed off, number one on my to-do list for this lovely Monday morning was: register for BlogWorld & New Media Expo. Thanks again to BlogWorld’s CEO and Founder, Rick Calvert, for donating my conference registration and hotel. And, to Scott Allen for hosting the LinkedIntelligence contest. Discounted registration closes […]