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Instant Replay PR: Get Multiple Uses Out of One Release | Ezine Article 1

Here’s the latest Marketing Transformations Newtork News article . . . Subscribe to My Ezine Articles Instant Replay PR: Get Multiple Uses Out of One Release by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media To request permission to reproduce or republish this article, contact connect AT corywestmedia DOT com. Why write […]


Newsvine.com | Track the News | Make the News 2

You can use Newsvine to not only read the news, but to make the news, post articles, gather your own community and more. Evergreen, the relaunch, is discussed in a bit more detail at the Newsvine blog. Thanks to the folks at Newsvine for the following email update. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A […]

Ezine Article | Contest-ing PR | 8 Ways to Winning Giveaways using Publicity and Viral Marketing

Update:¬† Thanks to Andrew Peters, an MTN ezine reader, uber cool blogger and virtual PR expert based in Singapore, for his permission to share his email with you in response to this ezine article: Hi Barbara Thanks for your latest email, we are currently putting together a contest and your […]