PRWeb Results | 5/98,026 on Google News

Yesterday, in my PRWeb | New Visability Statistics | Google Maps Mash Up post, I promised to update you on our results with the new PRWeb tools. . .

Here's what I found this morning . . .

In our first release testing the new PRWeb press release tools, we're pleased to report our client, Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio,landed the number 5 spot on Page ONE of a Google News search - out of 98,026 for "design." Yahoo News ranked the release at positions 15 and 16 out of 43,743 "design" results. The weird thing is, I didn't even think to check the stats for a search on "design," but PRWeb's snazzy dashboard dished out this stat for me. All I can say is WOW!


Click on this graphic [new image uploaded 02-08 to replace image lost on former server] to see PRWeb's access method report without the volume columns.

Other reports include:

- Full Page Reads by category, week, day and details

- Headline Impressions by category, week, day and details

- Search Engine Hits by country and 20 top terms with links to live pages so you can see results in real time

At the $360 level, you can export stats and see where your readers are geographically, as well as compare releases.


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2 thoughts on “PRWeb Results | 5/98,026 on Google News

  • Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for telling everyone about our new distribution reports and the great success you’re enjoying with PRWeb. You are smart to look beyond the distribution stats to focus the impact your release is having on your SEO strategy and your marketing visibility efforts. Those are the real measures of success. We never tire of hearing about our customers’ successes and we’re constantly learning new ways to make the best use of our services from examples such as yours.

    Wishing you continued success,

    Joe Beaulaurier

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