PR for Speakers-Legendary Lessons from Pam Lontos of PR/PR


If there’s one thing every speaker and author could use it’s more publicity.

“I See Your Name Everywhere,” the title of PR/PR founder Pam Lontos’ new book, was also the topic of her presentation to NSA-IL today. Pam covered what you need to know to get more publicity, media attention and bookings!

My top takeaways:

– start at the top and work you way down – it’s often easier to get into national publications

– keep at it: one author sent a new press release to Oprah every week – for four years! – before he got on the show

– write the book; you’ll get instant credibility

– contain media kit costs by limiting your information to one page

– produce an easy to reproduce and update speaker promotion book you can print-on-demand

– don’t be in a rush to get industry book reviews

– contact trade industry publications directly to place 800-1000 word articles

– author popular articles that can run over and over again – one of Pam’s clients’ articles ran over 120 times!

– grab attention with your headlines that list benefits or solve problems

– get in the habit of responding to news immediately with a press release

– tie your news into a special date on Chase’s Calendar of Events – today is Pi Day!

– accept every media interview – the smallest connections can pay off big time

– be patient, one story took almost two years to place in Fast Company

visit Pam’s site to read her public relations articles

Your Turn

What’s your dream media opp – magazine, radio or TV?


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