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Chamber of Commerce 20 Point Social Media Checklist

They’re the connectors, the cheerleaders and the calendar operators who keep the character in communities. With a myriad of events, people, places and things represent, for a Chamber of Commerce branding and marketing is a multi-tasking adventure. Recently, I was asked how CoryWest Media develops our Chamber of Commerce social media marketing strategies. Here’s a […]

Branding, Content Marketing and Social Media

Branding, content marketing and social media is the fifth episode in the social media marketing video series. Check out four ways dynamic content marketing can support your business and sales goals. Whose content is it anyway? One of the biggest fears companies have today is “letting people talk about their company.” Whether you have a digital […]

Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Video Tips

Public relations and social media is the fourth episode in the social media marketing video series. Looking for video tips? Check out these three in a guest post, originally run here in April 2011 by Bob Tripathi, the Founder & CEO of Internet Marketing Training company 3 YouTube & Video Marketing Tricks You Should Not Miss by […]