Get Quoted: 6 Media Interview Effects

Di Chapman Di Chapman, media expert and radio show host, talked to Barbara about how to raise visibility by being interviewed and interviewing others.

Thanks to Di Chapman, author, media expert and entrepreneur for interviewing me on her radio showBetter Times After 50.” Because Di is such an engaging interviewer, I asked her to share her best tips on interviewing with Wired PR Works readers. On our call, in addition to sharing stories about her own media interviews, Di shared six benefits of media interviews.

6 Media Interview Effects according to Di Chapman

1. Status: Appearing in the media immediately gives you “expert” status. It’s true for print media, radio and television, and of course, now in blogs and other online avenues of expression. Humans are quick to believe what they see and hear, especially in the more traditional media.

2. Credibility: An offshoot of point #1 is the credibility you gain by appearing on radio and TV, as well as in print media. We tend to believe that if someone is invited on a show or to participate in an interview by a reporter or host, you must have something important, well-researched, and/ or factual to say.

3. Branding: Both of the above then enhance your brand and image – you’re perceived as being knowledgeable, friendly and approachable by being interviewed. (Whether it’s true or not!)

4. Memorable: You become more memorable. Appearing on radio or TV, especially, gives people something to talk about and pass along to others. It creates serious buzz! And nowadays, especially, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether you do something embarrassing or brilliant, it always adds up to buzz and being memorable.

5. Familiar: Hearing your voice gives you “familiarity” with listeners. When people hear you on radio, or see you on TV, they actually connect with you in such a way that they feel like they know you. This is a good thing – especially when you realize that people like to do business with “people they know.”

6. Credits: Finally, by appearing on a show, you can use the credit again and again in your promotional efforts. You’ll always be able to say, “As heard on Better Times After 50″ in an interview with Diane Chapman, Lifestyle Reporter and Guest Host.”

About Diane Y. Chapman
Speaker, Author and Media Personality

With 36 published business and health articles, two books, and over 50 featured media appearances, the most recent acknowledgment of Diane Chapman’s highly visible career is her inclusion in Simple Truths’ 2008 book Customer Love, where she is profiled as “offering great customer service,” and an inspiration to other businesses. It isn’t the first time publishers have noticed her talents. Her excellence in résumé writing was acknowledged in 1994 by David R. Noble, when he asked her to be included in the book Gallery of Best Résumés, sold in major bookstores throughout the U.S.

Currently, Diane is featured on the radio and Internet airwaves as the lifestyle reporter and guest host of Better Times After 50, where she continues a broadcast career that started as a young professional. In 1995, Diane began broadcasting “High Visibility: The Success Perspective” with KUCI radio in Orange County, and Century Cable Television in Los Angeles. She has interviewed leaders and authors in business, health, and current events including Mac Anderson of Simple Truths Publishing, Lt. General Hal Moore of We Were Soldiers Once … and Young, Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Nathaniel Branden, Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra, Parker Palmer, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Nelson Bolles, Orvel Ray Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winners Jack Anderson and Jim Borgman, the Right Honorable Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada, Dick Morris, and George McGovern, to name just a few.

In 1992, Diane opened Words To Your Advantage Speaking and Writing Service in Orange County, and began offering résumés, bios, promotional writing, and media production globally to individuals as well as businesses. She created QuotePourri®, an inspirational gift line based upon famous quotations as well, and the line has been featured in The Plaza Hotel, by The PGA, and by Mercedes-Benz USA. She has also been a featured speaker throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean; and a presenter at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

Diane’s extensive writing and media career began when she joined the Training and Development staff of the Zale Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Her achievements with Zale were acknowledged when she was recognized by the Dallas Business and Professional Women’s Club as a recipient of one of the city’s distinguished Promising Young Careerists awards. Her success launched a media career that took her to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Southern California; with commercial and industrial projects for AT&T, Metropolitan Life, Radio Shack, PBS, NBC, CBS, FOX, Nissan, CIGNA, Dr. Soy, and more.

Di Chapman is profiled as “offering great customer service,” and as an inspiration to other businesses, in Customer Love, published by Simple Truths.

Customer Love
– $ 15.95
If your organization’s goal is to create a lasting service culture…you’re going to love this book! It is filled with unforgettable true stories about individuals and companies who have “wowed” their customers and turned them into raving fans! We guarantee that it will get the creative juices flowing; and hopefully, inspire you and your team to start your own collection of customer love stories.

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  • Interesting article. Di is an amazing lady.

  • Barbara Rozgonyi

    Hi Bonnie – thanks for your comment! Di and I met when she wanted to interview General Hal Moore who recently published a book with our client Simple Truths. Di interviewed me for her show and then I wanted to interview her.

  • Steve Mason

    Ms. Chapman is absolutely right when she says that you never want to miss a chance to be on the radio or TV, to get your name in the paper or speak to a group. It gives you “expert” status and one appearance will, very often, lead to many more. Just make sure you know what you want to say. Keep it light and don’t make a sales pitch. Be sure your message is both entertaining and informative. Finally, remember to provide a way for your audience to reach you – phone, email, whatever.

    Steve Mason
    Psychology Today

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