LinkedIn Profile Makeovers and LinkedIn for Business Packages

Wondering how to make the most of LinkedIn to dramatically increase your visibility, grow your network and be the person your target companies are looking for?

Created by Barbara Rozgonyi, these LinkedIn profile packages will help you maximize the power of LinkedIn to advance your presence and your career opportunities.  Whether you're just starting out, looking to step up, or be visible as leader, there's a package here for you. 


Online marketing and PR expert, Barbara Rozgonyi, is a wealth of information, brilliant ideas, and resources for small and large companies alike.”


LinkedIn Profile Makeover Start Up Package

This has been so helpful in getting me started as a professional! A.G.

Best for college students and new career professionals who want to enter the workforce with a strong professional brand, the StartUp package includes:

  • Profile Review with a 21 Point Success Audit
  • WIRED in 3D recommendations
  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • Summary and Specialties

Click here to order the LinkedIn Profile Makeover Start Up Package.

I attended Barbara's LinkedIn workshop offered by the Digital Innovation Forum. In 1 1/2 hours Barbara was able to communicate and demonstrate the LinkedIn tools and advantages. I then engaged her for personal consultation on improving my usage of LinkedIn. In two hours Barbara educated me further on the LinkedIn features and upgraded my profile dramatically. I would consider her a true LinkedIn guru! Senior Executive

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Go-Getter Package 

Best for those who are in the market for a new position or want to optimize their profile and networks for maximum visibility, usually at the manager or director level.


  • Profile Review with a 21 Point Success Audit
  • WIRED in 3D recommendations
  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • Personal Branding Consulting Phone Session with digital branding consultant
  • Summary/Headline and Existing Profile Edits
  • LinkedIn Guide from "Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars"

Click here to order the LinkedIn Profile Optimization Go Getter package.

I just had the pleasure of reading Barbara's chapter on LinkedIn in the excellent book Success Secrets of Social Media Marketing Superstars (which she most certainly is that) and chatting with her on LinkedIn. Her expertise in this area is unquestionable and what I found equally helpful was the easy to read and insightful manner with which she communicates her ideas. I am a professional SEO and social media consultant so I have the privilege of getting to know many excellent consultants and I can say without reservation that Barbara is one of the very best. CMO, Director- Search Engine Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement Superstar Package 

Best for those who want to dramatically upgrade their profile and optimize platform visibility. You're already a superstar VP, entrepreneur, or executive everywhere else. Why not on LinkedIn? Includes a one hour training strategy session with Barbara Rozgonyi, summary and profile content creation, application set up, recommended groups to join or lead, suggested connections, a copy of the LinkedIn chapter from “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars” and a recording of Barbara’s Leveraging LinkedIn presentation.


  • Profile Review with a 21 Point Success Audit
  • WIRED in 3D recommendations
  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • Personal Branding Consulting Phone Session with Barbara Rozgonyi
  • Summary/Headline and Existing Profile Edits
  • Fast Track Strategies
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Email Support
  • LinkedIn Guide from "Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars"

 Click here to order the LinkedIn Profile Enhancement Superstar package.


Ready? Set? Let’s Get Started!

Email your resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile to connect AT CoryWestMedia dot com and we’ll get started right away.


LinkedIn for Business Consulting and Training

Launch a presence or upgrade an existing LinkedIn company-wide strategy that aligns with your corporate branding and positions you as a leader with CoryWest Media’s WIRED system.


We brought in Barbra Rozgonyi, in order to assist our sales force in developing an understanding of how to use LinkedIn and why it is a beneficial tool in today’s world. Barbra was able to dissect LinkedIn in such a way that it was, not only relatable to our staff, but also understandable at any member’s level of experience. 

The training went deeper than an overview, as she fielded individual questions and request, in addition to offering guidance at a professional level. She demonstrated what strategies are most effective today, as well as, determining what steps we should take to ensure readiness for the future of social selling, via social media platforms. 

Barbra’s knowledge on social selling seems to have no bounds, as her experience and confidence appeared to be on display from beginning to end. 

Barbra will continue to serve us as a consultant, as we develop strategy behind social selling via social networking platforms, mainly LinkedIn. We are glad to have her as a part of our team, and we are even happier to recommend her as a Corporate Trainer for LinkedIn. Digital Printing Company

Choose a Lead On LinkedIn Consulting and Training Programs in one of three categories: organizational, team training or team lead profile development.

Words :: Intentions :: Routes :: Experiences :: Design
• Words : Keywords, Content
• Intentions: People, Purpose
• Routes: Integrated, Social
• Experiences: Stories, Communities
• Design: Craft, Nurture
• Personality: company, customers
• Reputation: company, community

Based on the WIRED system created by Barbara Rozgonyi, this plan provides an overview architecture that includes words, intentions, routes, experiences and design. Two meetings will take place: a background interview to assess social media marketing goals and a presentation with results and recommendations to take the recommendations to the next level.

LinkedIn WIRED Strategic Plan

Components include search engine optimization keyword suggestions, a competitive industry analysis, potential social media community profile within LinkedIn, customer experience map and a social media marketing plan sketch. Deliverables: mp3 of meeting discussion, competitive analysis PowerPoint, LinkedIn marketing plan, 10-12 page report and presentation. Timeframe: 3-4 weeks




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