Happy Thanksgiving 2012

What are you most thankful for this year?

Did you know we have Abe Lincoln and Sarah Josepha Hale, a 74-year-old editor of a woman’s magazine, Godey’s Ladys’ Book, to thank for this national day of Thanksgiving? Prior to 1863, each state held its own Thanksgiving day.

Before the day gets away and we rush into the whirlwind holiday season, I’m sharing a few things I am thankful for – will you share yours?

1. Turkey Handprint Pictures

About ten years ago, our son made a turkey handprint as a school art project. Last week, I found it when I was cleaning out a cabinet crammed with recipes I’d made only once or twice. How timely that it turned up in time for Thanksgiving!

2. Company Coming

Is there any better motivation to clean and spruce up your house than having company coming over? This Thanksgiving we’re hosting both sides of the family; we were doubly motivated to get our house in tip-top shape.

3. Being Creative

It’s such a blessing to have three creative children – although at times I didn’t think so. With a music business major, a sponsored skateboarder and a singer, I had to learn to appreciate the value of creativity that can’t be measured by grades and assignments.

4. Intriguing Clients

There’s never been a time when my company’s had a richer and more intriguing client mix than we do now. Every day I give thanks for the opportunity to add value to someone else’s organization.

5. Social Connections

Whether it’s my IRL bookgroup, Facebook friends or SMC Chicago members, whenever I connect with other people, I experience a brighter side of life. Thanks to all of you for being who you are.

Wishing you a beautiful and bountiful day!!!

About Barbara Rozgonyi

Barbara Rozgonyi publishes WiredPRWorks.com and directs CoryWest Media, an integrated social media marketing and PR firm. As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry. Barbara invites you to join the Wired PR Works community on Facebook or to contact her regarding interviews, partner promotions or speaking engagements at 630.207.7530.

  • I am grateful for many things this holiday:

    1) The chance to make pumpkin pies and yams to take to my sister’s home tomorrow and gather around a table together.

    2) Twenty-four years of marriage to Linda Hudson, my spouse–and for the 20-plus years we have worked together as marketing writers and editors. I am blessed beyond words by her presence in my life, which endures despite the challenge to her of having such a “high maintenance” husband.

    3) The mostly-positive election results that indicate we are, indeed, on a slow but productive course toward social, economic, and (one hopes) environmental recovery.

    4) A community of friends, fellow activists, and colleagues in and around Alameda that “gets” just how critical these times are and how important it is to work for a greener and more just world.

    5) That Our Creator has not yet figuratively or literally given up on our problematic species, and constantly assures us that She is still very present among and within us despite our many serious shortcomings.

    • Thanks for sharing a lovely and inspiring message, Jon. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Linda!!

  • I am Canadian and only started celebrating Thanksgiving when I moved to the US. I like the holiday because of its near universal celebration. We all have reasons to be thankful.
    I call on my family for all the gifts they have given to me. I wish them all good health in the years ahead.

    I am grateful for a recovering economy and the opportunity to place outstanding talent who will make meaningful contributions to my clients’ businesses.
    I am thankful for the ability to run and create my own business and be an entrepreneur.
    I love being involved in the business, educational and not for profit world to make a difference and learn from the people who contribute to my life.
    I thank you Barbara for sharing your heart and soul with us.