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Auction Donations and PR for Business 5

I love silent auctions. Bidding on donated items is fun, especially if you’re the winner. At the event, charities or organizations raise funds and awareness. And, donating items to be displayed online or at an event is good publicity. Everybody wins: the organization raises funds, your business gets promoted and the winner gets a service […]



SohoSeminar Tweet Log

The best way to explain what we are trying to accomplish is to describe what we call the Three C’s: Collaboration, Connectivity, and Community from Loyola University’s Information Commons Overview image: Loyola University’s Information Commons by Barbara Rozgonyi for On March 4 and 5, I attended and presented at Soho Seminar’s “Using Social Media […]

Social Media Gets Bigger Budget Share 7

MarketingSherpa’s chart of the week shows that social media’s share of the online budget is now at 11%. According to MarketingSherpa’s Social Media Marketing Benchmark Survey, here’s how the budgets break out: 27% Website 21% Pay Per Click [PPC] 19% Email 11% Social Media 10% Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 6% Online Display Ads 6% Other […]



Social Media 101 Workshop Presentation 1

Three out of four marketing and PR workshops for IAPD IPRA went well: lots of space, time and room for conversation. When I saw the room for my Social Media Sampler presentation, I got a bit concerned. Fifteen minutes before I was set to start, it was already almost full. When the crowd started spilling […]

Study: Marketers Embrace Social Media Big Time 1

Want to know how marketers really feel about social media? Check out these statistics from Alterian’s seventh annual social media marketing survey. – 70% work with 3 or more suppliers to accommodate marketing services such as digital marketing, database marketing, data hygiene, creative & brand, strategy, web analytics etc. – 23% work with a “staggering” […]