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SohoSeminar Tweet Log

The best way to explain what we are trying to accomplish is to describe what we call the Three C’s: Collaboration, Connectivity, and Community from Loyola University’s Information Commons Overview image: Loyola University’s Information Commons by Barbara Rozgonyi for On March 4 and 5, I attended and presented at Soho Seminar’s “Using Social Media […]



Social Media Gets Bigger Budget Share 7

MarketingSherpa’s chart of the week shows that social media’s share of the online budget is now at 11%. According to MarketingSherpa’s Social Media Marketing Benchmark Survey, here’s how the budgets break out: 27% Website 21% Pay Per Click [PPC] 19% Email 11% Social Media 10% Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 6% Online Display Ads 6% Other […]

Social Media 101 Workshop Presentation 1

Three out of four marketing and PR workshops for IAPD IPRA went well: lots of space, time and room for conversation. When I saw the room for my Social Media Sampler presentation, I got a bit concerned. Fifteen minutes before I was set to start, it was already almost full. When the crowd started spilling […]



Study: Marketers Embrace Social Media Big Time 1

Want to know how marketers really feel about social media? Check out these statistics from Alterian’s seventh annual social media marketing survey. – 70% work with 3 or more suppliers to accommodate marketing services such as digital marketing, database marketing, data hygiene, creative & brand, strategy, web analytics etc. – 23% work with a “staggering” […]

Speaking of Parks, Recreation and Social Media 1

Next week, I’m honored to present four programs at the IAPD/IPRA [Illinois Association of Park Districts - Illinois Park and Recreation Association conference]. Thanks so much to Jessica Alexenko of the Lisle Park District for booking me to speak at two workshops and two breakout sessions. We started talking about the conference almost a year […]