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Online PR for Do It Yourself Types

Rather than print out pages of handouts, I’m posting my Digital PR workshop materials here for the world to enjoy. First, we’ll talk about how to become your own publicist using the PR P-R-I-M-E-R Next, we’ll go over the Digital PR=Publicity Repositioned presentation. Rozgonyi Publicity Repositioned Final View more presentations from CoryWest Media, LLC. Then, […]



Chamber of Commerce B2B – Social Marketing Expo

Coming up on October 30 in Lombard, Illinois . . . here’s a press release about an event that’s expected to draw over 500 people and 50 exhibitors. Need a business to business social networking or social media marketing strategies speaker? We released new about the expo via PRWeb. Social Media Talks Buzz Up Lombard […]

Press Releases Power Up Small Business Enterpreneurs, as seen on . . .

While it didn’t take a press release to get interviewed in a feature about the power of press releases for small businesses on [published this week], it did take a personal connection. A connection with the writer, Marla Tabaka, a contributor to’s one person business blog series. Marla also writes for Sparkplugging. A […]


Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers Make in Social Media

Is it right to take someone down? At this moment, an online press release someone distributed about their twitter accomplishments is on Digg. The title isn’t very complimentary. And while I agree with the assessment that bragging about something isn’t the right way to market – especially if what you’re touting isn’t all that great […]

Happy Halloween PR Tips

As Halloween trends into a major holiday, why not tap into the promotion potential and be part of the revelry? For a few Halloweens, I promoted my business by posing as a PR Witch. How did I get visibility? By judging the local chamber of commerce costume parade, of course. That’s me over there getting […]