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Happy Birthday to Joan Stewart | Publicity Hound | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Update: If you’re reading this after February 10, the offer is now over. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, celebrated her birthday on February 5. In honor of her special day, I’m posting the Joan Stewart Ultimate PR Secrets replay online until February 10. After you listen to this call with Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, […]

Teleseminar Secrets | MEGA Challenge Entry | Ultimate PR Secrets

With the entry deadline looming in just a few hours . . . here’s my MEGA Challenge contest entry. Last year I entered in the Newbie category, this year I’m in the Veterans. The contest is open to all of Alex Mansossian’s Teleseminar Secrets students.  Although the contest calls for a 500-word essay, I chose to break up my […]

Al Lautenslager Guerrilla Marketing Expert Replay | PR Video

Here’s a clip from our latest issue of MTN News . . . Watch this week’s PR video It’s late Friday night and I’m still celebrating – not the Bears victory. Although, one of the proudest moments in my college life was performing in Soldier Field with the Marching Illini – talk about hitting the […]

The New Rules of PR | Where to Download 2007 PR Playbook

When I checked into my PR Web dashboard for the latest stats, I found an invitation to download David Meerman Scott‘s ebook: “The New Rules of PR: How to Create a Press Release Strategy for Reaching Buyers Directly” (second edition) . What’s different from the first edition of “The New Rules of PR?” Callouts by David […]

Rick Frishman | Book and Author 101 Publicity Expert | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Find out how to Listen to Rick Frishman’s Ultimate PR Secrets Interview . . . Thanks to Rick Frishman for packing 60 minutes full of ideas, tips, how-tos and laughs. After meeting Rick in Atlanta last fall, I knew this was a call I’d enjoy – you will, too! There’s no quick and easy way […]