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The Social Network Movie Release

“Why did they make a movie about Facebook? It’s just Facebook.” college junior watching trailers for “The Social Network” Facebook. Is it just Facebook? Or, is Facebook something bigger than Facebook? How will “The Social Network” profile the business of communication – and capture the spirit of our time? UPDATE 10.01.10 Today the movie comes […]


Pick One: Popular, Influential or Leader

Continuing on in an informal series of posts about influence inspired by the Fast Company influence project, here’s one with references to many sources, including Wicked. Originally posted on July 9, 2008, the information is updated with new numbers and the addition of a new slant: leadership. It’s funny. When we work with our clients, […]


12 Steps to Transform a LinkedIn Profile Into an Always-on Networking Hub

Thanks to my friend and seminar marketing pro, Jenny Hamby, I can now say, “I co-authored a book with social media superstars.” Today’s post features an excerpt from my chapter. I’m the book’s LinkedIn expert. Jenny’s the one who suggested I talk with Mitch Meyerson about contributing to his book, Success Secrets of the Social […]