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Sunday Stroll: Why Asking for Permission is for the Dogs

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a post about doing something I’d never thought of: asking for a dog’s permission to be photographed. We’ll also cover how to ask people’s permission. But, first how I came up with this post . . . if you don’t want to read the back story, skip to the how […]



Reflecting on 9/11 and Community PR Communications

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of 9/11, I’m sharing links to coverage along with my views on how the attacks immediately reshaped community public relations and communications. To me, today is a day to remember, reflect and consider how communications, and life, is always changing. September 11 Memorial Information 9/11 Memorial Site Google News about […]

10 Ways to Vacation from Social Media and Technology

Merci and Bonjour: Plugging Back into Networks After Unplugging in Paris Thanks to those of you who checked in over the past week and wondered “Where in the world is Barbara?” Paris was the answer. That’s me with Pan in Jardins et Palais du Luxembourg. I’ll have more stories about my trip later, but for […]


Growing in Business in 3D with LinkedIn

Assignment: Talk about how to do business on LinkedIn Challenge: in 10 minutes or less. Result: How to Grow Business in 3D on LinkedIn: Digitally, Directly and Dynamically Program: Social Media panel at Integrated Marketing Summit Chicago Panelists: Aaron Goldman, Blagica Bottigliero, Brad Kleinman and Tony Bombacino of It was an honor and a […]