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Top 50 PR Blogs 2013 from Cision

Congrats to all the bloggers on Cision’s top 50 PR blogs list! It’s an honor to see that this one made the list. Here’s how Cision ranks the blogs. Brands and public relations firms may be diverting more of their budgets to content marketing these days (indeed, Cision recently launched its own Content Marketing Suite), but there’s […]

Panoramic PR for Parks and Rec

Thanks to IPRA/IAPD for inviting me back to speak at the Soaring to New Heights annual conference.  For those who missed my Panoramic PR session, or have questions, here’s the session guide and slides. What’s your biggest question about how to manage PR for Parks and Recs?  Located in the New Orleans room at the […]


Bridging the Media Gap Between Bloggers and Journalists

Bloggers, journalists, social media types and PR peers, this post is for you! On July 20, I had the pleasure of moderating the BBSummit12 panel discussion about how to bridge the media gap. Thanks to SocialRevUp for giving me permission to share the recording with you. In it, you’ll hear panelists Nancy Loo, Jen Lee […]