Best Press Release Distribution Tools Report from G2 Crowd


After how to write a press release, the next very frequently asked question is “What press release distribution service gets the best results?”

Lucky for us PR pros, G2 Crowd recently released the best press release distribution answers in a new report.

Access to the premium PR distribution platform research is $599 and includes original data for filtering and weighting, as well as individual profiles of each platform with the most helpful positive and negative reviews, detailed company information, user satisfaction ratings, feature scores and customer metrics. Future Grid refreshes will provide updated rankings based on the latest reviews and social data.

G2 Crowd PR Distribution Review Highlights

G2 Crowd’s ratings measure the best Press Release Distribution Software products by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact). Results go into four categories on the Grid:

  • Leaders offer press release distribution products that are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial scale, market share, and global support and service resources.Leaders products include: CisionBusiness Wire, and PR Newswire
  • High Performers provide products that are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the market share and scale of the vendors in the Leader category.High Performers products include: PR Underground
  • Contenders have significant market presence and resources, but their products have received below average user satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate their products.Contenders products include: PRWeb
  • Niche products do not have the market presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate their success. Niche products include: Marketwired

Which PR distribution service is your top performer? Why not set up a profile and contribute a review on G2 Crowd?

Want to see how it works? Visit my G2 Crowd reviewer profile.





New Online Marketing Superstars Book Features Barbara Rozgonyi as PR Author


I’m honored to be in a book with over 20 online marketing thought leaders!! Thanks so much to Mitch Meyerson, the lead author, for producing this project!! Here’s the announcement. 🙂


New Online Marketing Superstars Book Features Barbara Rozgonyi as the PR Author

The New 2015 edition of “Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars” spotlights the advancing landscape of online marketing and introduces you to 24 innovators who have redefined it.

Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media, is the book’s PR author. She is redefining PR as Personality + Reputation. To purchase the book, and download expert interviews, visit

Handpicked to cover the most effective online, digital, and mobile marketing practices, these online influencers reveal how to master proven strategies, avoid costly mistakes, and grow your business.

Authors include Brian Clark, Jay Baer, John Jantsch, Sonia Simone, Mitch Meyerson, Donna Moritz, Denise Wakeman, Barbara Rozgonyi, Brain Dean, Syed Balkhi, Eric Ward, Andrea Vahl, Beth Hayden, Lou Bortone, Viveka von Rosen, Stephan Hovnanian, Jason van Orden, Sue B. Zimmerman, Kim Garst, Bob Baker, Kim Dushinski, Ian Cleary, and Craig Valentine.
Published by Entrepreneur Press on February 10, 2015, the book features information, tips and tools online marketers can start using today to improve their results tomorrow.

Divided into three sections – Strategy, Conversion and Mindset; Traffic; and Leveraging Apps – the book may be used as a textbook for higher education, corporations, small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

In 2011, Mitch Meyerson published “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars.” Rozgonyi contributed the LinkedIn chapter. The book hit the number one spot in several categories on The new book is also expected to be a best-seller.


Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars Authors and Chapters

The New Rainmaker: Why Building Your Own Digital Media Platform Is Smarter than “Marketing” by Brian Clark

Youtility: Why Smart Online Marketing Is about Help, Not Hype by Jay Baer

Total Online Presence: The Seven Essential Stages by John Jantsch

Creating Your Social Media Strategy by Kim Garst

The No-Baloney Essentials of Content Marketing That Work by Sonia Simone


Website Conversion: Turning Strangers into Customers by Mitch Meyerson

The Shift to Visual Social Media: How to Create Visual Content that People Love to Share by Donna Moritz

How to Use Short-Form Microcontent to Amplify Your Visibility on the Web by Denise Wakeman

Perfecting PR: How to Quickly Attract Attention, Clicks, and Customers by Barbara Rozgonyi

SEO that Gets Results Today—and Tomorrow by Brian Dean

Email Lists: How to Create, Build and Maintain an Engaged, Responsive List by Syed Balkhi

Let There Be Links, But What Kind? by Eric Ward

How to Create and Implement a Facebook Strategy that Converts by Andrea Vahl

Connecting with Clients, Getting More Traffic, and Making More Sales Using Pinterest Marketing by Beth Hayden

Video Marketing: How to Win in a World Gone Video by Lou Bortone

LinkedIn Prospecting Strategies that Convert Connections into Clients by Viveka von Rosen

Google+: A Social Media Toolbox for Every Business by Stephan Hovnanian

How to Attract Leads and Drive Sales with Podcasting by Jason van Orden

Instagram for Business: How to Brand Your Business and Build a Loyal Following by Sue B. Zimmerman

It’s Time to Add Twitter to Your Core Marketing Strategy by Kim Garst

So Many Choices! How to Determine the Best Sites and Content Strategy for You by Bob Baker

What You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing by Kim Dushinski

How to Build an Award-Winning Blog in Six Months by Ian Cleary

How to Build a Loyal, Die-Hard Following of People Waiting for Your Next Offer by Craig Valentine


Which chapter do you want to read first? 

About Barbara Rozgonyi
A digital marketing thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker/trainer, and business coach, Barbara is noted as a top 50 content marketing influencer on Twitter and a top 50 Marketing/PR blogger at She is the PR author in “Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.” Entrepreneur Press 2015.
Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities in three dimensions: digitally, directly and dynamically via the WIRED PR works system. Clients include Fortune 50 companies, hotels, events, small businesses, government agencies, associations and entrepreneurs.
An MPI Chicago member since April 2013, Barbara serves on the MarComm committee and was nominated for the chapter’s 2013-14 “Tomorrow’s Leader Award.”
A recognized social media industry thought leader, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago, a leading global chapter, in October 2008 and produced Chicago’s first sold-out writing for the web conference in 2002. In 2013, Nokia selected Barbara as one of two U.S. reporters to cover Social Media Week Berlin.
Barbara is a frequent keynote speaker, an accomplished corporate trainer, and an experienced educator who develops marketing and communications programs for events, colleges, associations, corporations and online communities.
Barbara’s media mentions include Crain’s Chicago Business,, American Express OpenForum,, HuffingtonPost, WDCB, WIND,,,, Mashable, Germanys FAZ, Chicago Tribune, and NBC5.
As publisher of WiredPRWorks,com, launched in June 2006, Barbara’s work is often a catalyst for innovative and creative marketers. She is redefining PR as Personality + Reputation.
An author, Barbara contributed the LinkedIn chapter to the best-seller, “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars.” To tap into WIRED PR marketing ideas and resources, visit Barbara’s top 50 marketing and PR blog,


Picture This: 12.5 Image Strategy Tips for PR Pros

googIt’s no secret that everyone loves pictures, but did you know . . .

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)

Thanks to Hubspot for this stat and 18 other fascinating visual marketing stats.

And, a big shout out to Krista Neher for her presentation at ClickZLive Chicago [and to the conference for the press pass!], which is where the inspiration for this post comes from. Krista suggests auditing the images on your site.

Look at what pops up when someone shares a post or a page. Make sure all images are share worthy and can travel outside of your site. The better your image, the more likely people will be to share it. To see how your site looks in Facebook, use the debugging tool. And, if you’d like to see who’s pinned pages from your site, check here on Pinterest. Here are a few image strategy tips for PR pros.


Visual Storytelling and Image Strategy Tips for PR Pros

Data from PR Newswire shows adding a photo to a press release increases engagement by 14 percent; adding a video and a photo actually doubles the engagement rate. Press releases that contain photos, video and audio generate the most engagement, with 3.5 times more engagement than text-only releases.

1. Because words go with pictures, keep email  and social media messages as brief as possible. Start with a headline, a quick pitch and a tweet. Let images talk for you.

2. Be trendy. Be real. Drop the photoshoot shots and go for the candid, IRL look in social media. Save the slickest glamour shots for promos.

3. Activate instant user generated creativity. Ask followers to hashtag their Instagram pics. Be sure to include a disclaimer in your Instagram profile that lets users know they give you permission to use their photos when they include the hashtag.

4. Stuck with boring stock photos? Send clients, or their clients, on a photowalk to get real life images.

5. Supersize your images using a free online tool like Canva that automatically resizes for social networks.

5.5 Edit your images for free with PicMonkey.

6. Go where your people are.  Have interior design clients? Make Houzz their home.

7. Write a photo caption that names your client and includes keywords.

8. For media release attachments, name the photo file like this: client-keyword or topic-location-agency.

10. Wait for Google to make your pics #AutoAwesome like the one featured in this post. Take a series of pics to get an animated gif or best smile. Right now, this is kind of a bonus surprise feature. I never know which photo will be awesome until I get an alert.

11. Look friendly, confident and happy. Want to know how to look good in pictures? SMILE!!!

12. Share pics of pets, like I did here. 🙂



Let’s have some fun! Show us one of your favorite images.







Panoramic PR Destinations for Meeting and Event Planners

Thanks again to IMEX America for the opportunity to present Panoramic PR!

Because the presentation was only open to attendees, today I’m sharing the slides and the session description.

If you’d like to bring Panoramic PR, or any of my personal branding, social media or LinkedIn programs, to your next event, click here to book Barbara Rozgonyi.


Panoramic PR Destinations for Meeting and Event Planners

Without Panoramic PR [Personality + Reputation], everything is blah, blah, blah.

Not just for PR pros, this powerful session is for event marketers and everyone who needs innovative tools to attract attention, generate leads, drive sales, connect community, and keep the buzzing growing. Includes a PR primer, tips on where to find and how to reach top influencers / bloggers, and ways to align PR performance with marketing goals.

Learn how to transform outdated traditional press releases into modern vibrant social news releases that command attention.
Discover how to repurpose publicity as a marketing tool across direct, digital and dynamic channels to make the most of your PR efforts.
Find out how to reach traditional and new media, in unexpected places, to expand your reach.


What’s your biggest PR challenge? 


7 Steps to Integrating Social Media into a PR Campaign

desserts-barbara-rozgonyi-food-photographyStill sending out traditional news releases?

If you’re looking for ways to raise visibility, generate traffic, grow business and build an online community, integrate social media into your PR efforts.

Follow these seven steps to get started on conducting an effective public relations campaign to reach reporters, and the masses, using social media.

Why the dessert food photography image?

Each one has a distinctive flavor that reaches a dedicated group of fanatical fans. Who’s in for chocolate mousse, cannoli, fruit or Key Lime Pie? Think of your campaigns as flavor full yet small enough to digest in a few bites – like these gorgeous desserts. 🙂

1. Set Campaign Goals

Traditional PR campaign goals often include placements in target publications along with the total number of media impressions.

Search and social media news campaigns allow you to be more creative and effective.

For example, do you want to reach out to bloggers, grow your community on twitter, build a Facebook group, generate more site traffic, attract more YouTube channel viewers, raise your social media visibility profile or get better search engine rankings?

You can do all of these and still reach reporters on social networks.

TIP >>> Schedule your releases to go out at least once a month. Higher frequency positions you as a newsmaker and one to watch. And, you’ll get more opportunities to fine-tune your message and measure results.

2. Be Newsworthy

Because social media sites are searchable, every action or comment can be public.

You don’t need a press release to get noticed.

You do need to be newsworthy on a consistent basis to sustain interested attention. As you’re crafting your campaign, think about whom you want to reach and why, what problems they have that you can solve, where they spend their time online and the sources they go to for news or help.

TIP >>> For story ideas, focus on topics that relate to the specific area of expertise or business service you want to grow or highlight. Now think about why and how your stories need to be told. How can you tie into trends or national events? Look at stories in the news now and find connections to what you do.

3. Target Media

Who do you want to tell your story?

Do you already have a media list that includes newspaper, trade publication, magazine, radio and TV reporters? Great.

Now, find the reporters and their media outlets on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter.

TIP >>> To expand your coverage, include bloggers and community sites in your niche. To find them, search for niche + blog, niche + community and niche + forum. If you have more than one area of expertise, for example young couples and entrepreneurs, segment your media list by contacts that cover each niche.

4. Make Connections

Check out each reporter, media outlet, blogger and community to make sure that their audience would be interested in covering your stories.

Look for reporters that write stories that match your topics.

For example, business reporters cover different stories than lifestyle reporters. To connect on social networks, send a personal introduction request with a mention of the reporter’s work and let them know you are a resource in the area of your chosen expertise. If you have more than one area of expertise, match your message to the media.

TIP >>> Targeting bloggers? Comment on their posts and find out who’s who in their community. Get to know each media contact personally. It’s better to have a small intimate group than a large email list with no relationship.

5. Craft Search and Social Releases

A search and social media release differs from a traditional press release in these important ways:

  • Keyword search terms help readers find your news faster
  • Images and video add dimension to the story
  • Key points break up the content and underscore main ideas
  • Built-in sharing options allow news to spread easily and quickly online.

TIP >>> To transform a traditional press release with search and social elements, add key search terms, summarize the news in the first paragraph with a call to action, add on links, include images and video and route distribution through share-enabled channels.

6. Distribute to Share

Now that your social media release is ready to go, you can get the word out in a variety of ways.

Set up an online newsroom to post the releases on your site or blog with an RSS feed option to automatically update subscribers.

Choose a free or paid distribution service to send your news to search engines, wire services and industry-specific RSS feeds. Popular paid services include PR Newswire, PRWeb and MarketWired. The higher your investment, the more detailed the statistics and reports.

TIP >>> Reach out to media contacts and send a tweet with a link to your release. Leverage your company’s network connections by sharing the release and the link on your company’s social profiles sites.

7. Measure Results

Go back to your campaign goals and see how your results measure up.

To see how your release performs on search engines, enter your key terms.

Type the release headline in the search bar to see what sites picked it up. With social media, set up a search term, called a hashtag, to group results across channels. For twitter results, use TweetReach or Topsy to track your hashtag’s reach by twitter user.

TIP >>> To check out mentions across multiple social media channels, check out Social Mention. For more ways to measure, check out this presentation on low cost social media and PR measurement tools. 

How do you integrate social media into your PR campaigns?