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Social Media Marketing Webinar Replay via MeetingBurner

Earlier today I gave away a secret ROI ingredient and now I’m giving away something I’ve never seen any other marketer reveal: webinar stats. Maybe that’s because they haven’t used MeetingBurner yet. When I heard Mari Smith recommend this webinar technology during her Facebook changes presentation, I wanted to test it out. It was easy […]


How to Share the Holiday Spotlight

632 pounds. On display in Las Vegas, this outrageous orange pumpkin attracted all kinds of attention. How can you do that? One easy way is to step into the spotlight that’s already on during national holidays and special observances. If there was ever a month to promote your business, October is it. Take a look at […]

5 Ways to Market with Social Media Workshop

Mixing marketing with social media can be time-consuming, confusing and not very effective – unless you have an organized system that mixes search, marketing, social, community and planning. That’s why I developed the W-I-R-E-D system [(c) 2009-2011 Barbara Rozgonyi] for my clients, students and audiences. As I refine the next version, I’m ready to share […]