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12 Ways to Use The ART of Engagement via Brian Solis

I’m a big Brian Solis fan. Because Brian always delivers an inspiring and informative message, like social media is sociology, not technology, I take advantage of every opportunity I have to hear Brian speak. On November 4, Brian opened ClickZ Live Chicago with a presentation on the A.R.T. of Engagement. Thanks to Brian for the […]


Spooky Stories that Haunt Meeting Planners

In the spirit of Halloween, it’s time to take a trip through a Haunted Meeting at an Eerie Event. Thanks to MPI Chicago for running this story. If you’re like me, you don’t like haunted houses, but you do like learning how to avoid scary situations.  Every one of these scary stories is true. Cue […]


Panoramic PR Destinations for Meeting and Event Planners

Panoramic PR for Event Marketers Presented at IMEX by Barbara Rozgonyi from Barbara Rozgonyi Thanks again to IMEX America for the opportunity to present Panoramic PR! Because the presentation was only open to attendees, today I’m sharing the slides and the session description. If you’d like to bring Panoramic PR, or any of my personal […]

Event Marketing Tips: How to Fix the Top 10 PR Mistakes

You set the strategy. You plan the logistics. You map out event marketing. But, wait where’s the PR? Event PR can attract attention, fill seats, add dimension, connect communities, AND spread news. To get the most out of your PR efforts, don’t make these top 10 event marketing mistakes. 1. Sending out one lonely event […]