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5 Ways Google I/O Announcements Affect Marketing and PR 2

When I first clicked into the Google I/O Developers Conference keynote, I didn’t expect to be glued to my computer screen for three hours. A day later, I’m still checking in to follow along. As Time said, “Google I/O 2013 Is All About Cleaning Up the Mess and Filling In the Gaps.” If your’re looking […]

SMC Chicago and SXSW 2013 Redux 2

What really happens at SXSW? It depends on who you ask. Everyone’s perspective is different and that’s why on March 26 SMC Chicago invited four panelists, with varying views, to talk about their SXSW experience.  For me, the panel moderator [and SMC Chicago founder], the SMC Chicago community conversation became a convincing argument to seriously consider grabbing […]



How to Take a Four Hour Vacation

Spring break ends today. It’s back to school tomorrow. Where do you like to go to getaway? For our getaway, we drove 4.5 hours north to Door County Wisconsin. The plan was to look around and spend the night. Door County Four Hour Vacation To Do List 1. Eat pancakes and drink hot cocoa at […]

Happy Easter Passover and Spring!

Happy Easter, Passover and Spring! Wishing you and yours a beautiful and blessed day! Here’s a picture of of my sister and me with our four Easter cuties taken when they were little at our first family home in Oak Park. From left to right: Warren, Lori, me, Peter, Phoebe and my niece Andrea. Patrick, […]