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MultiCulti Community Challenge Embrace Who You Are

It’s the first time I’ve shared so much information online. Thanks to Dwana De La Cerna for asking me to contribute my personal cultural story on her blog, House on a Hill. That’s me with Dwana, a host of the 2013 BlogHer MultiCulti Community Celebration. Two more talented bloggers,  Ananda Leeke and Pauline Campos, co-hosted […]


FTC Disclosure Guidelines for Bloggers – In a Nutshell

Going to BlogHer? Have questions about FTC disclosures? If you’re like me, you answered both questions YES! Because other bloggers may also have FTC questions, I asked Ruth Wagner, my friend and compliance/disclosure expert, to give us a simple guide we can use to make it easy to add disclosures to blog posts and social […]



SMDAY DuPage Community Conversation Replay

Celebrated around the globe on June 30, Mashable’s Social Media Day [#SMDAY] is a day to celebrate connections. Here in DuPage County, a compelling community conversation took place.  Thanks to Amy, Duong and Marla for being our speakers and to FUMC Glen Ellyn for being our venue sponsor . Yay! I remembered to record the conversation. Apologies for […]

Simple Motivation Tricks to Power Progress

It’s summer. It’s nice out. When all you want to is relax, how can you stay motivated? For me, I draw two circles: Here and There. Although I don’t put anything under Here, I do write big goals under There. In between, I list building blocks that will get me from Here to There. After […]