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Teleseminar Covers 5 Topics, Includes Virtual Online PR

Talking about online marketing and public relations is one of my passions. Every chance I get, I share my knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Pauline Wallin for selecting me as her online virtual publicity expert in her upcoming “Marketing with Authority” distance learning course. Find out how Pauline promotes her programs using slideshare videos like this […]


Cool Tool: Slideshare Speaks, Makes Marketing Presentations

Problem: You have a fabulous presentation, but the only people who ever see it sit in your audience Solution: Upload your presentation with or without audio to Slideshare and reach the world – along with more than a few new prospects Disclaimer: I have yet to personally produce a Slideshare slideshow, but you don’t have […]

Coming in for a Landing: Why LPO is a 2008 Marketing Priority

Routing customers through a sales process is a necessity – the more clear the direction to their desired destination, the better the probability that they will see your ad, find you in a search, click on a link and then find a match. Landing pages welcome visitors and let them settle gently into new territory. […]


PR Blog Publishes 300 New Marketing-PR Articles

  Thanks to my readers for the motivation to keep publishing! Here’s the press release announcing our 300th post. News for Business, Community, Lifestyle and Work at Home Editors from CoryWest Media, LLC PR Blogger Publishes 300 New Marketing-PR Articles Offers Free Always-On PR Resources to Global Readers Press Contact: CoryWest Media, LLC, 630.942.9542 Glen […]