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Teleseminar Secrets | MEGA Challenge Entry | Ultimate PR Secrets

With the entry deadline looming in just a few hours . . . here’s my MEGA Challenge contest entry. Last year I entered in the Newbie category, this year I’m in the Veterans. The contest is open to all of Alex Mansossian’s Teleseminar Secrets students.  Although the contest calls for a 500-word essay, I […]

Rick Frishman | Book and Author 101 Publicity Expert | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Find out how to Listen to Rick Frishman’s Ultimate PR Secrets Interview . . . Thanks to Rick Frishman for packing 60 minutes full of ideas, tips, how-tos and laughs. After meeting Rick in Atlanta last fall, I knew this was a call I’d enjoy – you will, too! There’s […]

Marc Harty | Web PR Traffic Strategies | Ultimate PR Secrets Replay

Update: Find out how to listen to Marc Harty’s Ultimate PR Secrets interview Thanks to Marc Harty, creator of PR Traffic – the Web-based press release optimization system, for being an Ultimate PR Secrets guest speaker. Claim your free report: “The 7 Deadly Sins Most People Commit with Web PR […]