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Barbara Rozgonyi publishes and directs CoryWest Media, an integrated social media marketing and PR firm. As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry. Barbara invites you to join the Wired PR Works community on Facebook or to contact her regarding interviews, partner promotions or speaking engagements at 630.207.7530.

WordPress Business Blogging Video | Be a Niche Celebrity 5

Here’s a video of Mike Stewart’s presentation at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar in April 2007. In less than 90 minutes, Mike covers why you need a blog, how to upload audio and video and even what new media marketing can do for you as a niche celebrity. [googlevideo=] Thanks to […]

MyRagan | Network for Communicators

If you’re not a corporate communicator, you may not know about Ragan Communications. I first heard about Ragan when one of my corporate consulting clients added me to their Ragan Report reading list. Because being mentioned by Ragan was a coveted honor, in planning meetings we mused about how Ragan would review our internal communications […]

Online Marketing Monthly Survey | Internet Marketing Results 2

Over the weekend, I got an invitation for a free subscription to Online Marketing Monthly, “the first professional magazine for the Internet marketing industry.”  The confirmation email sent me to the Online Marketing Monthly blog where I found the results of the magazine’s readership response to this question: “What is your level of experience in Internet […]

Ezine Article | MTN News | Typing Press Releases: Traditional Versus New Formats 2

Every week, Marketing Transformations Network News [MTN News], get articles like this one . . .   Now that I’m in the new rules of marketing and PR book, I’m transitioning out of the traditional approach that’s built on air time and ink. Sure, it’s great to have TV, radio and […]