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Barbara Rozgonyi publishes and directs CoryWest Media, an integrated social media marketing and PR firm. As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry. Barbara invites you to join the Wired PR Works community on Facebook or to contact her regarding interviews, partner promotions or speaking engagements at 630.207.7530.

Simpleology | The Simple Science of Getting What You Want | Take Action Tracker

Okay, so this has nothing to do with PR. Well, maybe it does. . . Mark Joyner recently released his new book, Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want Here’s a bio clip from a press release I wrote for Viral Marketing Intesives . . . Mark Joyner is the creator of Simpelology and […]

Celebrity PR | Ways to Share the Spotlight | PR Ezine Article

Here’s a clip from this week’s ezine article, “Celebrity PR: Sharing the Spotlight.”  Ever wished you could be famous but didn’t think you could be a noted celebrity actor, thinker or speaker? In this article, you’ll discover 8 ways to share star power with the celebrity rub-off effect. 1. Choose Credible Celebrities Make a list of […]

April Snow Showers | Spring Flower Show | Pick Me Up PR

It’s snowing here. Instead of blooms in the border, we have towels over tulips. To brighten up this bleak day, here’s a Spring Flower Show Album. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grab Fast Front Page Attention with Panoramic PR Claim your free mp3 “How to Transform Your Company into a Customer Magnet,” a $97 value. Subscribe to this blog’s […]