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Barbara Rozgonyi publishes and directs CoryWest Media, an integrated social media marketing and PR firm. As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry. Barbara invites you to join the Wired PR Works community on Facebook or to contact her regarding interviews, partner promotions or speaking engagements at 630.207.7530.

Invitation: Free Ezine Subscription | Marketing Tips | PR Advice | Bonus Offers 1

I admit it. I love to give stuff away. Today’s MTN free ezine subscribers got treated to a video marketing report – as my gift. Now, in our house Easter is not a gift holiday [well, no gifts over $25], but what’s nice about having a list of loyal readers is that I can give away […]

Coyote Runs PR Campaign for Quiznos

Media Post’s Marketing Daily tells the story “Quiznos Delivers PR Hero After Coyote Invades Chicago Store.” Writer Kevin Ransom points out how Quiznos played up the incident, tied it into a new product, routed attention to an animal charity and followed through on the coyote’s release.   Here’s a clip . . . “After the unusual event, the company […]

PRWeb | New Visability Statistics | Google Maps Mash Up 1

PRWeb recently introduced a new set of online visibility measurement tools that ramp up their already powerful results reports with new tools including reader locator maps, competitive benchmarks and comparison models. According to the March 29, 2007 PRWeb press release . . . Available with all press release levels, the new Visibility Statistics allow customers […]